Wing Hei

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Wing Hei
Wing Hei.jpg
Race: Human
Warrior-icon.png Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 20


Wing Hei is a member of the Defenders of the Blackblade.


Skills Used

Items Dropped


  • Prefers to have a duel with worthy adversaries.


Wing Hei has been raised in Serenity Temple as an orphan where he learned the values of justice and why it exists. On his 20th birthday, he left Serenity Temple to take up the art of Swordsmanship from the great Prince Rurik at Ascalon City. It was during these early years that Wing began his training, mastering the sword and his personal journey of goodwill where he helps local residents filling out frivolous tasks. But all that changed after The Searing, for the next two years, Wing has been hiding in the vastly created wasteland of Old Ascalon seeking refuge with the assumption that his home is destroyed.

Two years later after re-grouping with the Ascalonian soldiers, Wing was sent to request re-enforcement from King Adelbern's ally, King Jalis Ironhammer in the waging war against the Charr. After confirming the re-enforcement from the Deldrimor Dwarves, Wing went on a separate path from the main party and carried on his journey to become stronger so he can stand up against the Charrs himself instead of running back into battle half-prepared. In order to do so, Wing seeked out a trainer in the once prosperous land known as Kryta, after a while his trainer who is yet unknown, crafted Wing a particular Wingblade Sword. This Sword had the holy powers to incinerate the Undead which inhabitated the surrounding wilderness with a prismatic flame imbued in the blade.

Wing then paused his main goal and took this opportunity to put his experience to the test by providing assistance to the other nations, he had then been granted passage from Lions Arch to the Kaineng Docks in Cantha. Over in a corner in The Marketplace was a female assassin waiting for an opporunity to strike, Wing went over and asked what she was doing. This assassin was Shawdo Of Ninja, unaware she was, there was an Am Fah Assassin about to shred her eyes out. Luckily Wing prevented Shawdo's death but alerted many nearby patrol groups, in a blink of an eye, Shawdo vanished away and Wing was left to finish the fight.

A while later, Wing found Shawdo camping out in another run-down district and demanded a satisfying explanation for her disappearance earlier. Shawdo explained her problems and no sooner did she offer to pay Wing her services after helping her clear her problems of her homeland, they then continued their journey exploring the vast lands.

After Shiro was defeated and most of the plague had been extinguished in Cantha, Wing and Shawdo met a free spirited dervish in Elona who was willing to show them around. When they finished touring the nation, the Dervish, Canjo Qubac, decided to join Wing and Shawdo to their home nations and hopefully clear up the problems back in Tyria.

When Wing returned to Tyria with his new companions, they continued their journey west of Kryta to face more powerful opponents. They then took a break at Fisherman's Haven where they found a guild of prowess which were recruiting loyal members, worthy of their service, this guild was the Defenders of the Blackblade. When their break was over and after being welcomed into this guild, the three of them carried on their travels across the lands becoming stronger and restoring the peace back into the world.

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