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Luneya Elensar
Luneya Elensar.jpg
Race: Human
Ranger-icon.png Profession: Ranger
Level(s): 20


Luneya Elensar is a member of the Defenders of the Blackblade guild.


Campaign: Nightfall

Weapon of Choice

Some info about the person behind Luneya

Main character name: Luneya Elensar
Real(nick)name(s): Leonie, Leo, LeJoWz, Luna
Sex: Yes please :o [F]
Real Life Boyfriend: Laart Karpulatov
Living in: The Netherlands
Date of Birth:(DD-MM-YY) 11/06/1986 which means the current age is 23
Active on IRC: Aye, as Luneya

Race: Crocodile
Heart.jpg Profession: Pet
Level(s): 17


Pet's name: WouWtur
Species: WouWtur is a nifty crocodile, who unfortunately can't grow a mohawk due to the lack of hairgrowth.
Level: 17
Special Skillz: Skanking. WouWtur is extremely good at skanking his way to foes and skanking them out of the way, dealing +20 damage with his strong tail.
History: This loyal friend/pet was found in a swamp and once Luneya and the crocodile layed eyes on eachother, they first went head on into a battle. But Luneya charmed the crocodile WouWtur after a while and they have been inseparable ever since.

Pet Skills Used