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Pirate Class

Pirates are experts in gold gathering and subtle planned conflict. They are also well suited in preventing opponent and ally alike from achieving their alloted loot, whether that be unique items, ectoplasm, or merely their share of the gold. In order to do this they make use of a multitude of skills. Pirating Charm skills allow the player to achieve true status of pirate through their rambling and pursuing of wenches. It also allows the Pirate to be freed from the status of landlubber, giving them free roam of the seas and locations thereupon. Treasure Hunting skills make the player more receptable to the loot of the environmental elements and fallen enemies. Cunning Plan skills are the unpredictable part of every Pirae's arsenal. These plans can be as far fetched as taming sea turtles to assist in battle, to merely giving the opponent a quick sharp shot in the gills, rendering them unable to move. Pistol skills enhance the performance of the Pirate specific weaponry in both range and damage output, making them formidable in gunpowder combat.

The patron god of sea faring folk is a forgotten sea god Proteus, who appears in the form of a giant Sea Naga. Since such a god has never been heard of outside the tales of many a mad pirate, it unlikely such a god truely exists.

The Pirate's base armor provides medium protection, +10 Energy and +2 Energy Recovery. A starting Pirate can expect to have 30 Maximum Energy and 4 Energy Recovery.

The Pirate's primary attribute is Pirating Charm, it can only be used by a Pirate.



  • The Pirate Profession is unobtainable through the current Guild Wars build.
  • Pirates can be of the appearance of certain other professions. This is restricted mainly to the male Mesmer model, however newer Elonian models for Warrior and Ranger are now accepted as long as they retain a clear Pirate appearance.
  • Pistol Mastery skill is not restricted only to pistols, but can also include certain types of cannon.
  • Female pirates are 'Wenches', and therefore provide a different role for the profession. Mainly this gender is forced to run from their male counterparts and provide them ale at resonable prices rather than pursueing true piracy of their own. Male is therefore the recommended choice for this class.
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