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I'm Gonzo! This page will undergo a makeover at some point, but not now.

For now, click here to find my old user page as it was during the Guild Wars 1 time.

GW2 chars

Sylvana Salvato - DOB: August 25th 2012

Gonzo Salvato - DOB: August 25th 2012

Deadeye Bucktooth - DOB: September 8th 2012

Ozznog - DOB: September 2nd 2012

Gonzo Svardberg - DOB: September 27th 2012

Justicia Pectoralis - DOB September 27th 2012

Gonzo Bloodforge - DOB September 11th 2013

Sylvia Salvato - DOB September 27th 2012

Tíkrí - DOB September 10th 2013


In Guild Wars 2 all titles seem Account bound, so I'll put the list of titles I've acquired in gw2 here.

  • Traveler
  • Guild Warrior
  • Rift Warden
  • Chosen
  • Ascendant
  • Closer to the Stars
  • Ghostly Hero
  • Combat Healer
  • Been There, Done That!
  • Apprentice Toymaker
  • Emissary of the Mad King
  • Master Carver
  • Volunteer
  • Master Crafter
  • Distinction in Applied Jumping
  • Avenger of the Dispossessed


As long as I don't have "Main" crafters, going to keep a track of which characters have which crafts maxed here. Bold indicate which ones currently have that skill active.

Discipline Characters
Armorsmith tango.png Armorsmith Gonzo Salvato, Sylvana Salvato
Artificer tango.png Artificer Sylvana Salvato
Chef tango.png Chef Gonzo Salvato, Sylvana Salvato
Huntsman tango.png Huntsman Sylvana Salvato
Jeweler tango.png Jeweler Sylvia Salvato, Sylvana Salvato
Leatherworker tango.png Leatherworker Sylvana Salvato
Tailor tango.png Tailor Ozznog, Sylvana Salvato
Weaponsmith tango.png Weaponsmith Gonzo Svardberg, Sylvana Salvato

Zones in GW2

I've made a list for zones in gw2 to keep track of exploration on my characters, which I will do on the character pages.


Black Citadel 
Divinity's Reach Hoelbrak 
Lion's Arch
Rata Sum 
The Grove

Maguuma Jungle

   Brisban Wildlands
   Caledon Forest
   Metrica Province
   Mount Maelstrom
   Sparkfly Fen 


   Gendarran Fields
   Harathi Hinterlands
   Kessex Hills
   Bloodtide Coast 


   Cursed Shore
   Malchor's Leap
   Straits of Devastation 


    Blazeridge Steppes
   Diessa Plateau
   Fields of Ruin
   Fireheart Rise
   Plains of Ashford
   Iron Marches 


   Dredgehaunt Cliffs
   Frostgorge Sound
   Lornar's Pass
   Snowden Drifts
   Timberline Falls
   Wayfarer Foothills 


Chantry of Secrets
Red Borderlands 
Green Borderlands 
Blue Borderlands
Eternal Battleground