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Quotes from our IRC channel #dotb on You can use the 'Chat' button from our forum to use a java client that connects you to the IRC channel.

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20 october 2006

[12:56] *** jigo[DotB] ( has joined channel #dotb
[12:57]:jigo[DotB]> SUCKERS !!!!!!!!!!
[12:57]:jigo[DotB]> muhahahah ../runs away
[12:57] *** Signoff: jigo[DotB] (Web Browser left the chat web page)

20 october 2006

[13:26]:Gonzo[DotB]> nigthfall is next week?
[13:26]:Gonzo[DotB]> halloween event is probably next week too
[13:27]:Gonzo[DotB]> hmm, that weekend is planned to be my do stuff in my house weekend
[13:27]:Gonzo[DotB]> cause I want to be ready after that weekend
[13:27]:Gonzo[DotB]> so I might miss some of the nigthfall launch
[13:27]:Gonzo[DotB]> but I have internet in my house, so when my computer has been moved, it's ready
[13:29]:Gonzo[DotB]> to gogogogo
[13:29]:Gonzo[DotB]> So, with a new chapter in GW a new chapter in my life starts too
[13:29]:Gonzo[DotB]> that sounds nerdy
[13:29]:Darth_Vader[DotB]> ;-)
[13:30]:Darth_Vader[DotB]> rather philosophical...

24 october 2006

[14:21] Darth_Vader[DotB]: i've made a timer on the forums showing NF release
[14:21] Darth_Vader[DotB]: people kept bitchin about it not counting down
[14:21] ODM: oooooooow that one
[14:21] Darth_Vader[DotB]: because it didnt
[14:22] Darth_Vader[DotB]: and now wout said.. [14:16]:Gonzo[DotB]      > timer counts down again
[14:22] Darth_Vader[DotB]: arrrrrrrrggghhhhh's
[14:22] ODM: ty
[14:23] Darth_Vader[DotB]: i think a good downright flogging is in place

31 october 2006

[08:48]:Djenghis          > you want to know whats happening?
[08:48]:Djenghis          > nothing is happening
[08:49]:Gonzo[DotB]       > not y et
[08:49]:Gonzo[DotB]       > 10 more minutes
[08:49]:Gonzo[DotB]       > and I want to know what the mask is
[08:50]:Darth_Vader[DotB] > what is happening ?
[08:50] *** Signoff: Gonzo[DotB] (Connection reset by peer (TCP/IP connection broken))
[08:51]:Darth_Vader[DotB] > i should never have asked ;-)
[08:51]:Djenghis          > lol

07 november 2006

Darth_Vader[DotB] is hard at work
[12:20]<Aimee[DotB]> *laughs hystericly*

07 november 2006

Darth_Vader[DotB]  slamdunks Wout in a can of surströmning
<Gonzo[DotB]> Whatdidido?
<Darth_Vader[DotB]> posted it in bash
<Gonzo[DotB]> :)
<Darth_Vader[DotB]> if i hit you, you should automatically reply : i'm sorry
<Gonzo[DotB]> No, I want to be sure I'm sorry when I say that I am
<Gonzo[DotB]> in this case, I am not :)

20 november 2006

[17:07]:ODM               > hmm is being able to solve a rubiks cube part of geekhood?
[17:14]:Devil[DotB]       > no
[17:15]:Devil[DotB]       > there is a diffrence between geekhood and sad people
[17:15]:ODM               > are you calling me sad?
[17:18]:Devil[DotB]       > have you solved a rubiks cube ?
[17:19]:ODM               > yes
[17:20]:Devil[DotB]       > well then yes, yes i am
[17:20]:ODM               > well, atleast i dont have people bothering me all the time, giving me stress and making me work hard.
[17:36]:Devil[DotB]       > so what DO u do?
[17:40]:ODM               > im solving my rubiks cube

23 november 2006

[22:12]:vermilion         > it's always the same old smelly geezers in here!
[22:13]:vermilion         > ^_^
[22:14]:vermilion         > anyways, you know that joke bout three mice in a bar?
[22:14]:vermilion         > no?
[22:14]:vermilion         > ok :D here we go!
[22:14]:vermilion         > so theres like three mice in a bar
[22:14]:vermilion         > sippin on some beers
[22:15]:vermilion         > first mouse says to the others: "i am so tough! i am so cool!"
[22:15]:vermilion         > "the people at my house put rat poison in my food, but that does nothing to me! i eat the stuff, and just walk on like it's nothing!"
[22:16]:vermilion         > second mouse goes: "nah man thats nothing! i am way tougher than  you!"
[22:16]:vermilion         > "i get the rat poison in my food, but in a rat trap! so when i get my food, the trap springs on my head!"
[22:17]:vermilion         > "but no worries, i just remove that thing from my head, and just walk on like it's nothing!"
[22:17]:vermilion         > so the first and second mouse look at the third one, anxious for his reply
[22:18]:vermilion         > the third mouse gets up from his bar seat, empties his beer and slams the glass on the bar, saying:
[22:18]:vermilion         > "guys i'm going home love some pink shoes "
[22:18]:vermilion         > (hurray for spamming an idle channel ^^ smell ya later)
[22:19] *** Signoff: vermilion (Web Browser closed)

15 december 2006

[15:36] [M][Faer|Raging`Gamer]: Anybody else here a fan of The Living End?
[15:36] Djenghis[DotB]: not sure, but I've heard that Gonzo is a fan of The Rear End
[15:36] Djenghis[DotB]: is that the same?
[15:36] [M][Faer|Raging`Gamer]: :|
[15:37] [M][Faer|Raging`Gamer]: uh no

19 december 2006

[M]Kimahri[DotB]: is there a way to enter this room without using internet?

3 january 2007

<[M]Kimahri[DotB]> aha well I need money
<[M]Kimahri[DotB]> ok busy playing with Symeon now

15 january 2007

[15:02] Djenghis: nederlandsch!
[15:03] Devil[DotB] enters the room.
[15:03] Devil[DotB]: buh SDSL line died
[15:04] Gonzo[Do1B]: aw
[15:04] Gonzo[Do1B]: now we can't speak dutch anymore
[15:04] [M]Kimahri[DotB] Enters the room.
[15:04] Gonzo[Do1B]: aw
[15:04] Gonzo[Do1B]: now we can't speak dutch at all :p
[15:05] [M]Kimahri[DotB]: ok
[15:05] [M]Kimahri[DotB] leaves the room.
[15:05] Gonzo[Do1B]: aw
[15:05] Gonzo[Do1B]: now martin left :(
[15:05] Devil[DotB]: lmfao

25 january 2007

<Djenghis> my gf mentioned how a Wii would be fun
<Djenghis> i was liek WTF iS SHE SAYZING, because she generally hates computers
<Djenghis> and games even more
<[M]Kimahri[DotB]> And then you found the zipper on her back and inside was a 12 year old boy?
<Djenghis> :)
<Djenghis> yes, the sex got way better from that point on
<[M]Kimahri[DotB]> I have no further questions

29 january 2007

[10:47] <Djenghis> i should have taken the morning off, but then again: it's better to be messed up in your bosses' time then in your own time
[10:47] <Devil[DotB]> amen
[10:47] • Gonzo[DotB] agrees

5 february 2007

<Darth_Vader[DotB]> you need to ask your ISP to implement this:
<ODM> like, pidgeons?
<ODM> hmm
<ODM> imagine the ping
<Gonzo[DotB]> PING
<Gonzo[DotB]> *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* *flutter*  *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* 
<Gonzo[DotB]> *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* *flutter*  *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* 
<Darth_Vader[DotB]> hehe
<Gonzo[DotB]> PONG
<Gonzo[DotB]> *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* *flutter*  *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* *flutter* 
<ODM> modern technology heh

11 february 2007

[09:04]:King_Symeon[DotB] > hi,
[09:04]:[M]Baratus        > AWOO I SAY!!!!
[09:04]:[M]Caboose        > WE WILL BATTLE
[09:04]:King_Symeon[DotB] > so what did you need help about?
[09:04]:[M]Caboose        > I need to know where to issue the challenge on the board
[09:05]:King_Symeon[DotB] > ...
[09:05]:King_Symeon[DotB] > GvG?
[09:05]:[M]Baratus        > that would tend to be my guess....
[09:05]:King_Symeon[DotB] > DotB is almost exclusively PvE, you know that
[09:05]:[M]Caboose        > So are we!
[09:05]:[M]Caboose        > The battle of the PvE guilds!
[09:06]:King_Symeon[DotB] > I thought you GvG
[09:06]:King_Symeon[DotB] > like every week
[09:06]:[M]Caboose        > lol no
[09:06]:[M]Caboose        > This week we Deep/Urgoz'd
[09:06]:[M]Caboose        > BUT ENOUGH OF THAT
[09:06]:[M]Caboose        > I told Gonzo that there would be war
[09:06]:King_Symeon[DotB] > why?
[09:06]:King_Symeon[DotB] > why do you attack us so
[09:06]:[M]Caboose        > You failed to bring your lands to the SMS alliance.
[09:06]:[M]Caboose        > But more importantly: we found your wiki 
[09:06]:[M]Caboose        > And we're a bit jealous
[09:07]:King_Symeon[DotB] > don't blame us,
[09:07]:[M]Caboose        > So now we have to beat you in the head to feel better
[09:07]:[M]Caboose        > "ALE IS MY ALLY!"
[09:07]:King_Symeon[DotB] > blame the uninformed non-GWGing members
[09:07]:[M]Caboose        > don't care
[09:07]:[M]Caboose        > MEEP vs DOTB
[09:07]:[M]Caboose        > GOGOGOGOOGGOGOG
[09:07]:King_Symeon[DotB] > no caps on o and t please
[09:07]:[M]Caboose        > MEEP vs DotB
[09:08]:Akuma             > we need voice here
[09:08]:Akuma             > imo
[09:08]:Akuma             > i can't add this to my perform
[09:08]:King_Symeon[DotB] > !up
[09:08]:King_Symeon[DotB] > T-T
[09:08]:Akuma             > !uset autoinvite 1
[09:20]:[M]Caboose        > THE CHALLENGE IS ISSUED
[09:20]:[M]Caboose        > General Discussion --> MEEP Challenge
[09:20]:[M]Caboose        > LET THE BATTLE BEGIN
*** [M]Caboose is now known as [M]Red|War

18 february 2007

<Djenghis[DotB]> and only went as far as third base with my necro

20 february 2007

<Raziel[DotB]> uhoh... my mom washed my USBstick containing all my school stuff... 
<Raziel[DotB]> better go blowdry it and see if it works

23 february 2007

<Gonzo[DotB]> QUICK! /join 0,0 now!
* [M]Kimahri[DotB] has left #DotB (Left all channels)
* [M]Kimahri[DotB] has joined #DotB
<[M]Kimahri[DotB]> ...
<Djenghis[DotB]> lolzors

26 march 2007

<Devil[DotB]> we have stress ball things here
<Devil[DotB]> i've taken up the habbit of throwing them at him
<Djenghis[DotB]> lol
<Devil[DotB]> i highly recomend them, they relieve my stress :p

26 march 2007

<Akuma> njjhh'
<Djenghis[DotB]> thank you for your meaningful comment on this otherwise very important topic

27 march 2007

<Devil[DotB]> urgh i gotta give a leaving speech
<Devil[DotB]> wtf do i say?
<Devil[DotB]> "your all idiots but he's *point to guy* pissed me off the most, now lets all go drown our sorrows in drink" ?
<Devil[DotB]> "its been my first IT job, but its been a real eye opener, I never did believe all the storys they said about stupid users until i came here, now i do"
<Gonzo[DotB]> "You know, I really enjoyed my first day here. The rest was shite, go have a wank, you won't see me again"

27 march 2007

<Zeyal_Melso[DotB]> as soon as i finish college u'll see a lot more of me
<Djenghis[DotB]> nudiepics?

23 may 2007

<The_Undead_Mesmer[DotB]> i'd take a screenshot of the bricks but cba
<The_Undead_Mesmer[DotB]> lol screenshot
<The_Undead_Mesmer[DotB]> photo ofcourse :p

27 june 2007

[10:51]:Gonzo[DotB]       > level 40 in WoW is like 18 in real life, being able to ride but not having the money to learn so

28 September 2007

[09:58]:Darth_Vader[DotB] > there is a link
[09:59]:Gonzo[DotB]       > where?
[09:59]:Gonzo[DotB]       > ooh
[09:59]:Gonzo[DotB]       >  /doh
[09:59]:Darth_Vader[DotB] > Click Here
[09:59]:Gonzo[DotB]       > Proof that I need sleep
[10:00]:Gonzo[DotB]       > I actually clicked on that line of text in irc